book club progress

Got alot done in a short time on the book club.  Went to a website on the recommendation of a language arts teacher at Crofton Middle school called  Made a blog with the girls who are participating so far in the book club; I was fun picking the border and avatar.  I picked a ladybug avatar; but think that a picture of me reading or one of the book club girls reading would be a cool avatar.

Then I  found a great list of general questions about any book club for young people and also looked at the CCBC book discussion guidelines.  I liked them.  They will be helpful to open the first meetin

Basically, they will help keep the book club purposeful and not getting off in to tangents. They recommend do not summarize the book. Also refrain from personal anecdotes. Start out with everyone saying what they appreciated about the book; then expressing difficulties with the book in a question. Also look at each book for what it is rather than what it is not.


An open letter on Syria to Western narcissists

Worth reading to get another point of view…

the human province

ImageOn the eve of what seem to be ineluctable strikes on Syria, I’ve been struggling with what my position on Syria should be. Before I get to that though, I should say that while I’m not Syrian, I too have some skin in the game, as it were. On our way to donate blood for a friend’s mother’s surgery last month, my wife got a call from a friend telling us to avoid the neighborhood of Bir al-Abed in Beirut’s southern suburbs, since there had just been a large explosion there. At Bahman Hospital, my wife and baby daughter and I saw ambulances speeding toward us carrying those who had just been wounded. And a few days after I’d left for southern Turkey to conduct interviews with Syrians who had fled the war in their homes, I found out that a car bomb had just gone off a few…

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